Inspiring others artistically fuels my creativity. I want students to have the desire to create something new and see everyday objects and people as potential art. At Corley Mill, I offer students the opportunity to develop their creativity with no regard to level of experience. My only expectation is that they are willing to expand their creative goals.


Each participant works at her or his own pace, and guidance is completely individualized. Our classes allow for sharing of experiences rather than comparison of accomplishments. The only structure in the class is what a student brings to it, and what she/he will discover.


Working with the students at Corley Mill Art Studio has caused me to think creatively about my own work. The friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are perfect for painting. It’s a place to create, discover and explore, whether you have never touched a canvas, or if you are already an accomplished artist seeking a new experience with different guidance.


I am glad to be a part of Corley Mill Artists’ Group. To learn more about me, you may visit my web site at or call me at 803-360-2994.